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We want to help you create value from our vast ocean space, in a gentle and sustainable way, whether you want

  • Climate-smart subsea desalination for communities, agriculture and industrial processes

  • Uniquely reliable pump systems for trenching - to clean up the seabed or lay HV power or fiber-optic cables

  • To increase recovery from existing wells and infrastructure, reducing investment and environmental impact from looking for new resources.

  • Clean, pre-treated seawater for onshore aquaculture and cooling applications

  • High efficiency, and robust slurry lift systems with “zero discharge”-design, operating in the deep seas

Engineered Solutions

The majority of subsea projects require a large degree of bespoke engineering, particularly if robustness and extended lifetime is important in a particular application. Often, our client is looking for a system and not only the pump-motor unit. Our organization is built to deliver such projects and solutions. At the same time, we take advantage of modularization and standardization principles and proven technologies where possible, to deliver cost efficient solutions. 



Subsea pumping systems for permanent use on the seabed. Seal-less “Fit & Forget” pumping systems for permanent subsea use.
Zero discharge of toxic barrier-fluid and minimal maintenance required. Handles virtually any liquid.

FASTsubsea X 

FASTsubsea is a joint venture between Aker Solutions and Fsubsea to develop the world’s first topside-less subsea multiphase boosting system called FASTsubsea X. FASTsubsea X is a powerful yet simple pump to increase oil recovery for brownfields, tie-backs and marginal or distributed fields.



Subsea slurry lift and circulation systems. FSubsea has 16 subsea slurry units in operation and overhauled or upgraded more than 50 pumps intended for the deep seas.



Subsea seawater, trenching, and dredging systems.  range of heavy duty subsea centrifugal pumps for use on ROV’s, trenchers and other subsea tools or installations.

Magnetic Coupling

We have developed the world's most powerful Magnetic Coupling system. It makes critical-application process pumps more reliable and safe. 


Digital Solutions

Whether we monitor real-time pump performance, provide a customized condition monitoring report, a Digital Twin or an Artificial Intelligence-based health check score, Digital Solutions is at the heart of our business.

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