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Flocean™ - Flow from the ocean

Flocean™ can provide water stressed coastal areas with low-cost potable water or simply cold, clean seawater, harvested sustainably from the deeper parts of the ocean. Here, the forces of nature are working in our favour. The system uses the natural pressure of the water column to reduce energy consumption with 30-50% compared to modern terrestrial seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) facilities. Flocean™ is eco-friendly as the deep sea also provides stable, higher purity feed water and virtually eliminates damage to marine life at both the intake and outfall. The subsea reverse osmosis (RO) system takes advantage of already qualified equipment, is easy to install and maintain and highly reliable.

Flocean™ Desal – Overview


Capacity -  7,000-8,000 m3/day pr Pod

Size - 6m x 6m x 7m (height)

Weight - 50 tons (in air)

Power demand - 2.2-2.3 kWh/m3

Flocean™ Desal - Benefits


Flocean Desal uses the clean, already pressurized water at 300 to 600 meter water depth to produce freshwater for municipalities, agriculture and industry at 30-50% lower energy consumption than conventional SWRO plants.  

Reduction in energy: 30-50%

Remove most pre-treatment

No marine life damaged in intake

Zero chemical discharge

No harm to corals or seagrass

Less accidents and avoid noise

Waves on the Rocks

For more information on any of our products or services, please reach out. 

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