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Magnetic Coupling Systems

Mechanical seal and barrier-fluid systems are often complex, fragile and can cause more than 60% of failures in pumping systems.  Moreover, leakages can cause risk to health or environment. Traditional seal-less pumps are severely limited and size and power transfer capabilities. That is why we have developed the world's most powerful magnetic coupling system. In addition to enabling topside-less subsea pumps, this system creates more reliable and safer hermetically sealed pumping systems for ammonia, hydrogen, CO2, refinery- and other critical applications.

Mag 2000

Future-proof your equipment. If you are a pump original equipment manufacturer (OEM), we can make your large pumps seal-less.

Torque:         < 3200 Nm

Speed:          < 6000 rpm

Energy:         < 2000 kW


                     < 600 bar (external-to-internal)

                     < 200 bar (internal-to-external)

Materials:  Inconel 625/718 & advanced ceramics

Magnetic coupling
Waves on the Rocks

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