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Add digital value to your assets

Whether we monitor real-time pump performance, provide a customized condition monitoring report, a Digital Twin or an Artificial Intelligence-based health check score, Digital Solutions is at the heart of our business.

We can interface to any legacy control and monitoring system or provide a special solution to fit your needs.


FSubsea has developed a digital advisor that simplifies decision-making, enhances performance and assist with maintenance planning. The Birdseye system captures performance and condition-related data from industrial assets such as pumping systems and combines in a simple, user-friendly dashboard. Powered by the latest in AI technology, the level of decision-suppport gets increasingly powerful over time.

Birdseye Signal Portal
Digital Twin of Flocean system

Digital Twin 

We have developed a selection of Digital Twin systems, which enables:

  • All stakeholders, independent of technical background to easily understand how systems operate and interact 

  • Reduced CapEx & design risk

  • Optimized performance

  • Reduced OpEx

SubProx™ - Subsea Analog & Digital Proximity Sensor

Highly Robust – Suited for Long-term Seawater Duty

  • Integrated electronics, no need for transmitters or external processing cards

  • NORSOK M-001 compliant: Immune to corrosion in seawater

  • Ceramic sensing element with All-metal sensor hardware (Inconel 625/Hastelloy C22)

  • Sensor element rated to 500 bar. Sensor housing rated to 350 bar (higher on request)

  • All-metal termination with Bendable Mineral Insulated (MI) Inconel cable

  • Qualified to API 17F subsea standard, including rigorous shock, temperature and vibration tests

  • Suitable for >25 years permanently submerged in seawater or other corrosive fluid

Subsea Analog & Digital Proximity Sensor

Input voltage: 24 (15-30) VDC
Insulation voltage: 75 VDC
Output voltage (Analogue) : 0-10 V
Output voltage (Digital): 24 VDC
Sensing range: 0-2mm
Pressure rating:
< 350 bar / 500 bar
Temp. Rating: 80°C
Approval: API 17F (Q1 & Q2)

SubProx subsea proximity sensor
Image by Silas Baisch
Waves on the Rocks

For more information on any of our products or services, please reach out. 

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