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We create value from our oceans. Sustainably.

FSubsea (then Fuglesangs Subsea AS) de-merged from Fuglesangs AS, a 5-generation Norwegian family business, in 2013.


We design and deliver the world's most sustainable, cost-effective and robust subsea pumping systems. Based in Oslo, Norway, we have our own subsea test pit, 2.5 MW of power supply and a well-equipped mechanical, electrical and automation workshop.

Our vision is to create value from our oceans. Sustainably.

Who we are

We are pioneers. And just like Chef Lindstrøm, key contributor to 4 of       the world's most notable polar expeditions, we are often backstage.

We believe in simplicity and robustness in design
We have passion for our work and care for our colleagues
We love making stuff as a team and we do not give up until it works 


Why we do what we do

We believe our oceans represent a vast, under-explored and untapped resource that should be used for the greater benefit of humankind, provided it is used sustainably.


What is our mission

Our big, hairy goal is to have deployed several autonomous, climate-smart subsea pumping systems across several markets within 2025.

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